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2009 A Thames Odyssey
The Gresham Ship Journey so far...

Welcome to the 2009 A Thames Odyssey exhibition website.

2009 A Thames Odyssey tells the story of the Gresham Ship from the perspective of the ongoing research project launched in 2007 by a team of Maritime archaeologists.

The Gresham Ship was raised from the Thames in 2003 after its unexpected discovery by the Port of London Authority. A 16th century armed merchant ship was revealed, with strong links to the famous financier Sir Thomas Gresham. The ship is of great historical importance, providing unprecedented evidence of furring, a unique shipbuilding technique.

Find out how the ship was discovered, recovered and how conservation techniques helped to bring it back to life. Explore 16th century England and find out what it was like for a merchant, both in the port and onboard the ship in the exhibition page.

Have a look at the pictures of the objects found on site in the gallery page.

You can also find out more about who was involved in the making of the exhibition in the  exhibition creation team page or explore other interesting museums and organisations' websites in the links section.

What do you think of the exhibition? What are your thoughts on underwater cultural heritage? You can discuss and leave your messages in the website forum.

The Gresham Ship Project is a collaboration between the PLA, UCL, Gresham College, the Museum in Docklands, the Nautical Archaeology Society and the University of South Denmark.

"2009 A Thames Odyssey" opens on the 8th May 2009 at UCL, Institute of Archaeology. The exhibition will then go to the Museum in Docklands, Conwy Museum in Wales and possibly to other UK venues.

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