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2009 a Thames Odyssey
The Gresham Ship Journey so far...

Substantial fragments of the Gresham Ship were raised from the Thames in 2003 following their unexpected discovery by the Port of London Authority (PLA). A 16th century armed merchant ship was revealed, with links to Sir Thomas Gresham. The ship is of great historical importance, and provides unprecedented evidence of a shipbuilding technique called furring.

The Gresham Ship Project was launched in 2007 to research the ship. The project is a collaboration between the University College London (UCL), Institute of Archaeology and the PLA, Gresham College, the Museum of London Group, the Nautical Archaeology Society and the University of South Denmark.

The exhibition is divided into four themes and exhibtion pages:

The ship
Merchant life
The wreck

2009: A Thames Odyssey tells the story of the Gresham Ship from the perspective of the ongoing research project. You will see how the ship was discovered and recovered and how conservation techniques help bring the ship back to life. This exhibition will give you an insight into what life was like for a 16th century merchant, both in the port and onboard the ship.

2009: A Thames Odyssey hopes to aid the Gresham Ship Project by raising the profile of Maritime Archaeology.